Skyrim Mod

A small dungeon created as a personal project to demonstrate level design principles. 


These images are the finished result of a small Skyrim mod. I planed, designed, and executed this level, all of the assets it contains are part of vanilla Skyrim.

 View from entrance of dungeon. Use of lighting and animated banner to draw player's attention to areas of interest in this room and deeper into dungeon.

Bedroom area of dungeon. NPCs have patrols, interact with furniture.

Creation Kit view of entry room. #1 indicates signaling towards the main bedroom area of the dungeon. #2 indicates short term distraction to the player so that an NPC in the bedroom area can patrol to #3, the dining area, possibly spotting the player and cornering them.

Creation Kit view of bedroom area. Displaying two level-appropriate bandit NPC spawners, as well as a leveled weapon spawner. #1 indicates the chain to unlock treasure room, illuminated by flickering light and positioned by exit to catch the player's attention.

Creation Kit view of entire dungeon. Markers for interaction points, leveled NPCs, and visual effects are visible, as well as nav mesh. #1 indicates entry room, #2 indicates bedroom area, #3 indicates treasure room unlocked by pull chain in bedroom area.